Droughts, Deluges and Dust Devils. A look back at 350 years of South East Weather.


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By Ian Currie

Thursday 7th October 2021 at 7pm

Our weather has always made the headlines, be it the great storms of 1703 and 1987, the three national maximum temperature records broken in 2019 including an unprecedented 21C+ in February and the blazing 1976 summer when fires raged across the Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire countryside and Hampshire set an all time June temperature record. The winters of 1947 and 1963 are still vivid in our memories for those who witnessed them when the sea froze around our coastline. This talk will take you through several centuries of weather with particular reference to Southeast England. Find out when there were 4 metre high snowdrifts in Oxford Street, London or hailstones bigger than cricket balls in Sussex; when the Straits of Dover were blocked with ice and a tornado ripped through the centre of Guildford. The Weather never ceases to astound and amaze.
We curse it yet love its variety, energy, beauty and delicacy.

Mini Biography for Ian Currie: Ian has always been fascinated by the ever changing moods and patterns of our skies and the childhood memories of a spectacular thunderstorm in September 1958 or the prolonged deep winter snows of the 1962/63 which buried his first weather station have never faded.
Ian is now a full-time weatherman, broadcaster, author, columnist, speaker and editor of Weather eye magazine that he established. He has contributed to and appeared on many TV and radio programmes. He has written or co-written a number of county weather books illustrating outstanding events from Dorset and Hampshire to Norfolk, Suffolk, Berkshire, Sussex, Surrey and Kent and has chronicled in his Book ‘Frosts, Freezes and Fairs’ the great freezes on the Thames and other UK rivers which was featured on BBC Radio 4. He has also written several books on Weather Lore and how one can forecast the weather locally.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and can be heard regularly on BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex with forecasts for gardeners and growers including vineyards in Sussex.

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