Smugglers’ Sussex


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by Kevin Newman

Thursday 6th October 2022 at 7pm

Kevin Newman, author of the book ‘Visitors’ Historic Britain: East Sussex/ Brighton and Hove’, which included a chapter on ‘Smugglers’ Sussex’ is delighted to be hosted an illustrated talk on Smuggling in Sussex for the BCHC. Kevin, who leads Sussex tours on smuggling and can be found in character as senior smuggler ‘Harry Hawkhurst’ for Brighton’s Old Ship Hotel’s smugglers’ events, will be telling tales of Sussex Smugglers and smuggling, and letting those attending in on the wonderful world of smuggler speak. So if you too want to find if you should ‘act like a Owler’, ‘sow a crop’, take hold of a ‘tuckstick’ or wander into the ‘Bo-Peep’, come along to Kevin’s entertaining and educational talk.

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