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September Book Club – A Gentleman In Moscow

Members of the Bridge Cottage Book Club – TOMBS & TOMES met on 25th September to talk about the September book pick: ‘A Gentleman In Moscow’ by Amor Towles.

‘A Gentleman In Moscow’ follows Amor Towles’ first novel ‘Rules of Civility’ which was published in 2011 and was a New York Times bestseller.

This novel follows the story of Count Alexander Rostov, who in 1922 was put under house arrest in the Metropol hotel; across the street from the Kremlin.

Book Club members all agreed that ‘A Gentleman In Moscow’ was their favourite book club read and gave it 5 out of 5 stars.They all found Count Rostov (the Gentleman from the title) to be an enormously likeable character and felt that what could have been a rather fanciful ending was delicately handled and provided a satisfying finish for the reader.

Members discussed the fact that Kenneth Branagh is set to star and produce a film of the book which will be directed by Tom Harper and also discussed themes of the book; and that it would be one that several members would re read.

They also found some interesting quirks to the book such as the time frame of the book and the fact that the chapter titles all begin with the letter A.

TOMBS & TOMES book club rating:





The next Tombs & Tomes book club meeting will be on Tuesday 30th October where the group will be discussing ‘The Sealwoman’s Gift’ by Sally Magnusson.