Nutley Windmill

A huge amount of time and effort has been poured into the restoration of Nutley Mill by our Mill Group, beginning in 1968, the year our society was founded.

Whole families have become involved for many years both at the Mill and at Bridge Cottage, spreading their interest in our old buildings and winning new support from those recognising the value of their achievements.

We often find old pieces of equipment and have recently repaired a hand operated sack hoist to lift sacks onto carts. A horse gin was given to the society needing considerable restoration. We are having parts renewed and hope to display it soon. One improvement made in 2005 was the construction of a parking area to allow disabled access to the mill site.


The earliest record of a windmill at Nutley appears in the Manor of Duddleswell Court Book dated 20th May 1836 in which James Wood is recorded as selling 'all that piece of land .... on which Henry Sitford has lately erected a windmill'.

It is possible that before 1836 the mill stood at Kilndown near Goudhurst where a mill 'disappeared' somewhere between 1710 and 1769. Certainly mills were moved across country, a famous local example being a post mill moved in 1797 from Regency Square, Brighton to Shaw Road, Preston by a team of 86 oxen.

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  • Horse Gin

    In 2006 the Society was given a Horse Gin in a broken condition. It was decided to repair this rather unusual old cast iron farming tool and mount it on the windmill field for visitors to appreciate.

  • Another Nutley News item

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