Nutley Windmill’s commercial life ceased in 1908 and, soon afterwards, some wooden props were placed under the already precarious structure. The placing of these supports prevented the mill from being turned on its post for over 60 years, during which period it stood pointing permanently southwest, until restoration freed it in 1972. Fortunately the owners, Lord and Lady Castle Stewart, had made every effort to keep the mill weatherproof and intact. In 1968 the Uckfield & District Preservation Society was formed with the object of restoring the mill to working order.

Many additional props were put in place in 1968 to prevent the mill from collapsing and in 1969 volunteers began restoration work. Slowly the mill returned from the brink to produce a small amount of meal in the autumn of 1972. Then 1973 saw the fitting of two shuttered sails. The restoration project was considered favourably in European Architectural Heritage Year 1975, and the Society was awarded a certificate for a job well done. In 1984 during filming of Chocky's Children by Thames Television, one of the stocks broke, but with generous help from the television company a new stock was in place within a week, allowing the film to be completed without too much delay.

During 1987 the common sails, fitted originally in 1957, were replaced and a new mill book was printed. Then in October the Hurricane struck, causing £6000 worth of damage.

In 1994 a grant by British Telecom enabled work to start on new rear steps and tail pole, installation of electricity and extensive improvements to the Barn. The work was completed on 14 May 1995 in time for the presentation of the ownership of the Mill, Barn and Field to the Society by the family of the late Countess Castle Stewart.

During 1997 a shelter was constructed in the field to make a small museum for items replaced over the years. A sample of the old steps, tail pole and sweeps can be seen there. In 1998 some decay was found in the trestle replaced in 1968 and this was repaired together with some work on the brake wheel which enabled the French mill stones to turn for the first time, possibly since 1908. Over the winter of 1998 the spring shutters sweeps, first fitted in 1973, were taken off and cleaned, repaired, treated with preservative and then refitted by May 1999.


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