A New Quiz!

Here is another quiz, just for fun (no prizes I’m afraid), all about Bridge Cottage and Nutley Windmill.
The answers will be posted here on the website in 3-4 weeks time.

1. Chimneys were first added to Bridge Cottage in which century?
2. What would Hazel Room (upper room) originally have been used for?
3. Bridge Cottage was built using a framework of what type of timbers?
4. The daub (the plaster) in the original panels of wattle and daub in the Cottage was made using what materials?
5. In the 1841 census, Bridge Cottage was recorded as Bridge House and had two separate front doors. The names recorded are the first we have where the Cottage has been divided. Each side was occupied by a labourer and their families. On one side were the Dray family and the other side were the ………. family.
6. In what year were the two properties that made up Bridge Cottage renumbered from 51 and 53 to numbers 1 and 3?
7. Who is the first person we know of that owned Nutley Windmill?
8. Thanks to the hard work of all the volunteers at Nutley Windmill, in 1975, which award was the UDPS considered favourably in?
9. In 1994, at Nutley Windmill, a grant enabled work to start on new rear steps and tail pole, installation of electricity and extensive improvements to the Barn. What company provided this grant?
10. What are the names of the two types of sweeps on the Windmill?