A Quiz!

How much do you know about Bridge Cottage and Nutley Windmill? Why not have a go at our quiz on aspects of both these magnificent buildings – if you have visited our recent exhibitions, you may find answers in the exhibition booklets that were on sale. Alternatively, others can be found on our website, www.bridgecottageuckfield.co.uk.
Please don’t send your answers to us – there are no prizes. However, we’ll post the answers on the website around Friday 15 May. Then, when we are back to normal times, we look forward to welcoming you to Bridge Cottage and Nutley Windmill.

1) The previous owners of Nutley Windmill were Lord and Lady _____________(6,7)
2) The Windmill stood facing this direction for 60 years until restoration freed it in 1972________________(5,4)
3) During the filming of Chocky’s Children at the Windmill in 1984, one of the stocks broke. What was the name of the television company that were filming and whose generosity enabled a new stock to be replaced within a week? _________________(6,10)
4) A _____________ from a pre-1436 building was discovered during the recent excavations.(6)
5) What is the surname of a family who previously lived in Bridge Cottage and also the name of a tiny bird?______ (4)
6) The date of construction for Bridge Cottage was determined through a process called ____________________ (16)
7) When Bridge Cottage was built the walls between the oak posts were filled with rectangular panels of wattle and ——(4)
8) By the middle of the _______ (9) century, a first floor was inserted into the central section of the cottage.
9) The first known occupier of the cottage was recorded c1570 as Thomas________(7)
10) What was the surname of the very last resident of Bridge Cottage________(9)
11) Nutley Windmill visitors centre is called The ________(7)
12) What is the small first floor room in the Cottage called? _______(5)