A walk through time…

The grey builders hoarding around Bridge Cottage has been given a new look thanks to a range of murals created by the artistic talents of eight local schools.

Inspired by Sussex artist, John Piper, to create landscapes to a theme ‘a walk through time’, each of the schools have generated panels that reflect their school in a local setting using logos, old photographs and local objects.  To link in with the 2015 Uckfield Festival, a Charleston inspired border have been placed around some of the boards to recognise Charleston’s Art centenary.

Natalie Katona, our Events Organiser, was instrumental in getting the project off the ground on behalf of the committee.  However we would like to thank Claire Summons, at UCTC, who organised a teacher’s art workshop to coordinate ideas but it has been the children themselves who have created each of the unique images.   In some schools every pupil contributed in some way to their mural so that all-in-all almost 1000 pupils were made aware of their heritage, this historic building and its links with the community.

Today Bridge Cottage is shrouded in a scaffolding cocoon whilst the restoration work is being carried out however, it will emerge later in the year as a facility able to offer a wide range of heritage events. Including those that will support the local schools.

Mayor of Uckfield, Cllr Ian Smith, performed the unveiling and congratulated the schools on their magnificent achievements.  The murals are the latest event in a programme of making the community aware of Bridge Cottage during its restoration to a community building.

The next opportunity to find out more about progress on this, exciting restoration project will be the 8th May at the Civic Centre when Mick Harker will give an illustrated talk on what has happened since work started in September.

Now with some photos – thank you to Ron Hill.


IMG_4819RH by Ron Hill IMG_4840RH by Ron Hill IMG_4860RH by Ron Hill IMG_4866RH by Ron Hill IMG_4871RH by Ron Hill IMG_4892RH by Ron Hill IMG_4893RH by Ron Hill IMG_4896RH by Ron Hill IMG_4911RH by Ron Hill IMG_C4885RH by Ron Hill IMG_C4891RH by Ron Hill IMG_C4901RH by Ron Hill IMG_C4914RH by Ron Hill IMG_C4916RH by Ron Hill IMG_C4921RH by Ron Hill