Bore Holes have started!

At last, the drillers are on site!

Friday September 11 saw the first of four bore hole started as the six ton drilling rig sprang into action.  The rig, along with its supporting pumps and settling tanks, appeared on site on Thursday but, as it’s a very constricted site, the real drilling operation didn’t get started until today.

It’s a very messy operation as the drill has to be lubricated with a constant flow of water that both keeps the drill bit lubricated and flushes the spoil to the surface.  And there is quite a lot of spoil as each bore is 250mm and goes down to about 120 metres.

Once the bore is dug a plastic pipe loop is inserted right to the bottom of the bore hole and cemented in position.  These pipes will be fed, via a balancing manifold to our Ground Sourced Heat Pump (GSHP) located on the first floor of the refurbished building.  This GSHP will, once commissioned pump a liquid through these bore hole pipes to extract heat from the ground to heat the building in the winter.  In the summer months it works in reverse taking heat from the Cottage and sending it back into the ground again

The drilling rig is expected to be on site for two weeks…

Drilling the first bore hole Its a busy site The drill rig appears on site