Do You Remember…?

Do You Remember…?

This project has developed from the ‘Memories Cafe’ we used to run in Bridge Cottage.

Come in to Bridge Cottage on the second Thursday of the month, starting Thursday 14th February 10am-12pm, and share your recollections of life in Uckfield.

The Memories Cafe produced discussion of the shops that used to be in the Framfield Road/New Town area, Woolworths, primary schools, youth clubs and recollections of The Bell Inn.

The plan now is to focus on specific aspects of the town and see how we can combine what people remember from the past with what we already have in our archive. To that end, we are going to try to focus in the next couple of months on the shops that were available in the Framfield Road/New Town area but which have now gone. If you have any memories, pictures, adverts or other items from that period, please pop in on the second Thursday.

Even if you can not provide anything specific on this topic, we would still be pleased to see you at a future session-please drop in to talk about other aspects of the town.

If you are not around on a Thursday , but want to contact us, you can do so by email at or on 01825760734.