Manitoba Beaver Colony ensure they will be part of Uckfield Heritage

IMG_3202RH by Ron Hill

The Manitoba Beaver Colony ensured they will be part of the Uckfield heritage when the whole Colony left their individual messages on roof tiles that are due to go back onto Bridge Cottage.

“Although we held a very successful Sign a Tile day at Bridge Cottage recently, it was too difficult to get all the Beavers together on a Saturday so we took a box of tiles to the Scout hut for their normal meeting night.” said Mick Harker, the Bridge Cottage Chairman.

“Their leaders were very keen that the youth of Uckfield were recorded on our roof tiles so they sponsored enough tiles for all 18 Mafeking Beavers to leave their marks on.”

Quite a collection of messages for future generations to find!”

Work is progressing well to completely refurbish Bridge Cottage, thanks to a Heritage Lottery Grant and Uckfield Town Council partnership funding.

The whole roof has been removed to allow repairs to the structure and to install an insulation layer, before re-tiling.  The insulation product chosen is made from sheep’s wool that, not only allows the building to breath (important in a timber framed building) but is a very eco-friendly product.

The roof repairs have almost been completed with the tiling programmed to commence in the next few weeks.  It’s a big roof with approximately 17,000 tiles!

IMG_3234RH by Ron Hill   IMG_3231RH by Ron Hill  IMG_3221RH by Ron Hill

Photographs courtesy of Ron Hill.