Nutley Mill 2016 Open Days – The Highlights

National Mills Weekend.
National Mills weekend is always the second weekend of May. For many years now we have opened for this weekend. On most of these weekends we have had members of the Crowborough Amateur Radio society visit us – they try to contact as many other windmills as possible that also have a working radio station. The Crowborough club for these weekends have the call sign “GB2NW”. We hope they will be operating again this year.

Vintage Day.
Vintage Day is on the last Sunday in June. 2016 was our first Vintage Day at the mill. In pervious years it was called the Nutley Windmill Fete, which is a little misleading so we have now adopted Vintage Day. On this day we have a display of stationary engines and other older and vintage machines, cars, including MGs, and motor bikes. From 2017 we are inviting the Sussex MG club to use the Nutley Mill  for their own open day in July. That way they can have a larger display of MGs and like wise – the stationary engines can use more of the space for there engines on the Vintage Day.

Other Opening Days. 
Did you know – as well as our normal open days, you can also book children’s birthday parties with us at the Mill and use the field as you wish. The children can explore the windmill and play in the field, which is perfect for the summer months. The Mill and adjacent field is away from any roads and is fenced for safety. We also have school and clubs visit us. One regular club is the Nutley Historical Society who have continued to regularly visit us for many years for their picnic at the Mill.

We will aim to keep you updated on all the Nutley Windmill News and Events, so make sure you check the website regularly and follow the Bridge Cottage (Society) team on social media.