Project update 15th February 2016

Another month gone and so many small jobs completed that occupation is now tantalisingly close!

The decorators have more-or-less finished inside with gaps filled and final lime-wash coats applied to walls and ceilings.  We have been finding the occasional empty peg hole where the draught is coming in but, generally these have now all been found and filled with new oak pegs.

Big changes in the Kitchen where Cannadines have installed our new kitchen.  It looks great!  Just waiting for the tile grout to harden and a missing handle to be fitted and then we are ready to make a cup of tea or try out our new cooker.  Only problem at this stage is that we don’t have anything to boil water in. Did I mention we need a kettle and a fridge if any kind sponsors are reading this…?

The electrician has managed to sort out what, to the layman, appeared to be a birds nest of wiring to make sure we had power to all the sockets, lighting everywhere, fire and intruder alarms working along with Wi-Fi and data services.

Generally inside is complete except for fitting those few last minute items like soap dispensers and mirrors in the toilets and giving the place a really good clean.

Outside the groundworks are moving forward with the brick planters rapidly taking shape.  These both define the front border of the property and will provide an area where we can plant (probably) a box hedge with a lavender border to create that Cottage feeling to the property.

Our large storm drains (or our moat) have been installed outside of these walls to act as our first line of defense against floods coming down the High Street.

Unfortunately whilst digging for these new drains, the digger damaged one of the pipes to the bore holes so commissioning of our Ground Source Heat Pump has been delayed as they need to drain, repair and recharge the system before that can begin.  With this cold snap we do need some heating in the building – it may be better insulated but that just means without heating it holds the cold longer!

We still haven’t got our new water supply fitted.  Is there anybody out there who has contacts with the water board – six months from placing the order is a long wait.

Aim for the next month is to take over the inside of the building, finish laying out the structure of the groundworks and perhaps get the blue pipe connected.