Project update 18th April 2016

The Official Opening of the refurbished Bridge Cottage Heritage Centre, Uckfield is to be held on the 23rd April.  This is the time when we thank the many groups and people who have helped in the restoration of this iconic building.

The occasion is very much one of celebrating the next phase of an on-going journey.  It marks the point where the builders have departed and we now begin the process of creating a community facility right in the heart of Uckfield.

Whilst the shell will be complete, the internal fitting, fixtures and sorting out the documentation to enable walk-in public access will take a few months to organise.  So, whilst over the next few months we will be hosting group tours, hiring the building to specific groups and taking future bookings, we won’t be fully open for business just yet.

As April 23rd is St Georges Day we will have enactors on the forecourt of the building both dressed in the style of the time and carrying out Hands on History type activities to which the public will be encouraged to be involved with.

There will also be an opportunity for people to book a place on tours of the building for later in the afternoon.  Because of the size of the building, places are limited and booking is essential if you want an early look at what has been going on inside.

You will be able to book a place on a guided tour or to find out more about helping as a volunteer at Bridge Cottage at our tent which will be erected in the area in front of the building.