Project update November 2015

The scaffolding has (almost) gone and the roof tiling (almost) finished so we (almost) hit our targets this month!  Inevitably the weather has played its part in delaying the roof being finished but, hey, it is winter so we shouldn’t be too surprised.

Apart from the dismantling of half of the remaining scaffolding, we have also removed the majority of the wooden hording, replacing that with a metal fencing.  This sort of fencing is much easier to move around; something that is essential as we begin the groundworks in front of the Cottage.

Unfortunately our wonderful murals, created by local schools have had to come down.  Two schools have taken their panels back whilst parts of the others will be retained to create a small collage, within our Heritage Hub, to remind us of their involvement.

And suddenly everybody can see the transformation we have already made with the new extensions blending into the original building.

Inside, the biggest transformation has been the removal of the second floor in the Hall area creating the 17c Hall Chamber with a view of the rafters rising six meters above the floor – it’s an impressive sight.  This area, with its restored king post and woodwork, will truly be the jewel in the crown of the building presenting it in its original splendor.

Last week finally saw the electricity connected to the building so that now a myriad of jobs can start to be completed including firing up our Ground Sourced Heat Pump that will supply heat for the underfloor heating.  With that in operation all the lime plastering can start to dry out allowing the lime wash colouring to be applied to the walls.

Work on relaying the brick paver floor inside the building has started, new fire doors have been hung, cupboards created and lights fitted.  With up to 15 people on site on some days, it’s been a busy site.

The next couple of weeks look to be very busy times as well with lots happening both inside and outside of the building.  Outside the roofer is due to finish setting the last few ridge tiles so all the scaffolding can then come down.  This will allow the landscaping to start at the front of the building with foundations for the brick planters and new drains an early priority.  Hopefully we can also get a new water main connected to our blue pipe that has been in place for many months now!

A busy time up to the Christmas break.