The 19th Century
1841 The census returns show the families of John Sawyers and John Dray, agricultural labourers (probably at Bridge Farm) occupying Bridge Cottage.

1851 – 1881 In 1851, there are 20 occupants of Bridge Cottage, mostly paupers, labourers and charwomen. Names particularly associated with this period are Miles (1851 and 1861) and Wren (1851 to 1881).

The Morrises, the Johnstons and Others
The first Morrises appear at Bridge Cottage in 1887 and the first Johnstons in 1896. The Morrises finally leave No. 51 (later No.1) High Street in 1957 and the Johnstons No. 53 (later No.3) High Street in 1966, a few years before the Preservation Society assumes responsibility for maintaining the deserted building. The Winns are the tenants of No.51 between 1924 and 1934.

Names marked (O) were owners but not occupiers.