Anglo-Saxon Workshop with Yr 4 St.Philips School

On Monday 5th February 2018, the Education Team at Bridge Cottage Heritage Centre welcomed year 4 from St. Philip’s Primary School, Uckfield for a workshop on Anglo-Saxon life.


Year 4 all made Saxon bread with Maria (pictured here dressed in authentic Saxon costume).

The children mixed wholemeal wheat flour, rye flour and water, kneading it into a dough.  After flatening the dough it was then cooked on a hot plate over our open fire.  Year 4 then enjoyed tasting their flatbread.  There was mixed reviews from the children with some describing it as,”plain”, “smokey” and  “tastes like pitta bread”.



Making Saxon bread




















Building a Saxon house

St. Philip’s Yr 4 class explored how the Saxon’s built their homes.  They each cut out a house, then strengthened the roof structure with straws and finally added straw to the roof.  We compared a Saxon house to how their own homes are constructed today.












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