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Reception Class @ St Philip’s School – WINTER visit

Reception Class @ St Philip’s School – WINTER visit

On Monday 29th January we welcomed Reception class from St Philip’s Primary School, Uckfield for a workshop all about WINTER.  We explored what clothes are worn during winter months today and in the past.  The children enjoyed sitting around the Bridge Cottage fire whilst we talked about how people used fire for heat and to cook on in the past.

The children all made a fire picture inspired by the Bridge Cottage fire (pictured below).  We talked about warm winter clothing and explored where wool came from.  As you can see below, the children made fantastic sheep in their warm winter fleece.

We compared seasons and looked at signs of SPRING, SUMMER and AUTUMN in our environment.  Reception class left us with the mission to look for bulbs poking up through the ground signalling that Spring is on the way.

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