Holy Cross Church spire cap at Bridge Cottage

Holy Cross Church spire cap

The original Holy Cross church was built during the medieval period and demolished (except for the base of the tower and the Chancel window) in 1839.

The present church was then rebuilt in 1840 with a new spire.

At the top of the spire a heavy cast iron cap was fitted from which protruded some decorative ironwork, a ball and a weathervane.

This picture shows the scale of the top taken when the steeple was re-shingled in the early 1900s.

During the early 1970s this whole top started to topple over.  Whilst the weather vane and ball assembly were stabilised and re-used, the cast iron spire cap was replaced by a lighter, metal prefabricated unit

For some time this spire cap was positioned around the church – even featuring in the 150th celebrations of the rebuilding of the church.  Unfortunately, because the cap is in two very heavy halves, it was removed from public display and preserved for the future by local historian, Roy Fuller.

Now, if you have looked by the right hand door of Bridge Cottage you will see this unique bit of church history on display for all to see.





Round the base of the cap it reads “Church enlarged and spire erected 1840. W.S. Mosely, Architect. Markwick and Cheale, Builders”.

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