Quiz number two!

Here is our second quiz, just for fun (no prizes I’m afraid), all about Bridge Cottage and Nutley Windmill.

The answers will be posted here on the website in 3-4 weeks time.


1. In what year was Bridge Cottage saved from demolition by the Uckfield & District Preservation Society and Uckfield Town Council?

2. Bridge Cottage is currently heated with under floor heating which is driven by a? (4 words)

3. Bridge Cottage is a Grade ______ listed building.

4. The Cottage was first built as a Wealden Hall House. The main living room was the central hall, which would have been completely open from floor to ceiling with a central open hearth. Light and smoke were controlled by ___________________.

5. Originally, the Northern section of the house was known as the __________.

6. Renovation work on the Cottage began in September of what year?

7. Which features of Bridge Cottage lead us to believe that the original owners were relatively wealthy and of local importance?

8. From 1660 until the early 18th century the Cottage and its farmlands were rented by which family? In 1713 Thomas Mitchell (the owner) sold the Cottage to Henry_________, the current tenant from that family.

9. In what century did Bridge Cottage became separated from Bridge Farm?

10. The earliest record of a windmill at Nutley appears in the Manor of Duddleswell Court Book dated_______________.

11. UDPS commissioned a dendrochronological survey (tree ring dating) of Nutley Mill which concluded that the main-post came from a tree felled between _____and_____.

12. Mr Tony Turner became enthusiastically interested in the fate of Nutley Windmill and, with rising local interest, he called a public meeting in Uckfield which saw the creation of Uckfield and District Preservation Society in October of what year?